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Cory Kosters Commission

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   On March 30, 2009 Cory’s mother Senta, left a comment about this painting. Be sure and read it under ‘Coments’ below. 

  This oil painting was commissioned by a good friend, John Downs. His son and Cory were friends from childhood and both served in Iraq.  I believe the best way to understand this painting is to share with you the words of Cory’s mother.

     On August 9, 2006, my oldest son, Cory Christian Kosters, left for Iraq as an E-2 Private in the Army’s 82nd Airborne. Young, adventurous, and terribly confident, Cory couldn’t wait to get to Iraq where he genuinely longed to be a part of the action; not because of political convictions, nor to avenge those wrongs committed on Sept 11, but rather, in my opinion, because of the training and handling he would receive in special weapons.

     As long as I can remember Cory has always brandished a weapon of some kind. In the early days, all sticks, Tinker Toys, Lego’s and bananas quickly became a gun or sword. This eventually progressed to Cory carving his own walking sticks, homemade spears, and eventually to homemade bows and arrows. But, all the weapons need a target and that’s where the younger brother, Kevin, often came into the picture!

    Now as I look through old photographs, I am amazed that I totally missed all the cues God was sending my direction. From a mother’s perspective, I simply watched my two boys head to the wood to play “Castles” or work on their clubhouse.. I witnessed a doctor stitch up Cory’s knee when his knife slipped while carving on his walking stick and  refereed many a sword or stick fight. I watched in amazement as Cory repelled the tallest tree in our backyard and hollered when I’d find backyard plants shot full of holes from his pellet gun, or an air soft gun, or from throwing knives. However, in the midst of this could it be that God was training up a soldier? I like to think so.

    On January 13, 1996, Cory asked Jesus Christ into his heart to be his Lord and Savior, officially joining the Lord’s army. On March 5, 2007, the Lord promoted Cory to his eternal post.

“Train up a child in the way he should go…” Proverbs 22:6

In loving memory of our beloved son and brother Pfc. Cory Kosters, 82nd Airborne Division United States Army – June 16, 1987-March 5, 2007.


Gonzales Wedding Commission

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  img_5069g2  gonzales-bw2-crp

This wedding oil painting was commissioned by Veroica Gonzales and her family to be given as a Christmas present to her grandparents. It was painted from a very old and very small black & white photo. That made it very difficult but very challenging. I was pleased with the outcome and they loved it.