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   A commisioned work for Paula Whitaker.


 The Ryan Paul Whitaker Memorial Foundation was established in 2007 by Ryan’s loving mother, Paula H. Whitaker after his death on January 29, 2007.  Ryan was 25 years old when he passed away and Ryan was Paula’s only child and the center of her life. The foundation was established with the Mission of showing Jesus’ Christ’s love to others in continuing Ryan’s mission in life “to help hurting people and those in need.”  Ryan’s mother, Paula Whitaker, a Christian Counselor, felt in her heart that Ryan would be in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ , but little did she know that it would come after his death.  The goal of The Foundation is to leave a legacy of Ryan’s short lived life and to bring Glory to God in everything that is done.

 Ryan Whitaker had a heart as big as Texas.  He loved people and he wanted to help people where ever he went.  Twelve days before his death, Ryan told his Mother that he wanted to go back to school at Lone Star College, Tomball and study to become a nurse. When his mother asked him why, he stated: “I want to help people, Mom.” This has given his Mother and their whole family direction, to honor God and honoring Ryan’s memory and his last wishes.  Paula Whitaker, Ryan’s mother has also established the Ryan Paul Whitaker Nursing Scholarship Endowment at Lone Star College-Tomball to provide nursing and medical scholarships to those who want to “help others” as Ryan did.   Also in keeping with Ryan’s last wishes,  TOMAGWA Ministries was chosen  as one way to carry on Ryan’s last wishes and to show the Love of Jesus though helping people who need medical care and healing, physically, emotionally, and spiritually though excellent medical care and Ministry.  

 In honor of God and in Memory of Ryan Paul Whitaker, the New TOMAGWA Medical Clinic will be named  The Ryan Paul Whitaker Memorial Medical Center to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ,  in Matthew 25.  In helping, caring, and ministering to others we are directly and indirectly doing those things to and for the Lord.