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This 16″X20″ oil on canvas I painted from pictures I took several years ago near Waldo, Alabama at the Old Mill Restaurant and Covered Bridge. To the left of the tree is a very old covered bridge that no longer has access to and from it. To the right is a closed restaurant with a for sale sign in front. The main paved road is just in front of the restaurant and forest all around. Behind as I am taking the photo is a stream. Everywhere you look is the beauty of creation!image.jpeg


New Portrait – Kevin Daniel Yates

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Kevin Daniel “Sunshine” Yates was killed by an intoxicated driver August 1, 2011. I have the honor of serving with his mother and father as chaplains at the Harris County Jail. I gave the original 16″X20″ carbon pencil drawing to them as a gift.

Why? Because I have two sons.


Self Portrait

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Finished this self portrait October 9, 2010. 16″X20″ oil on canvas.

Portrait of Nancy and Zuri

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6/26/2010 – Finished this 20″x28″ oil on canvas of my wife, Nancy and Zuri, one of our granddaughters September 2010. Nancy saw it for the first time tonight! Zuri is almost two now but the photo from which I painted them was taken at Zuri’s birth in Waco, Texas. The background was from photos in our bedroom. I noticed the light pattern on the wall one morning. The light patterns through the blinds were perfect for the photo taken in Waco. The lamp belonged to my mother and has been in the family for some time. The picture on the wall is Nancy’s wedding picture.

This is only the second portrait of my wife I have ever done. The first on was a pastel you can find on the family portrait page at this site. Nancy loved it!