Jail Chaplaincy

After pastoring 3 different churches for 32 years, the last one for 18 years, I found myself in a different kind of ministry. In October, 2007 one of my art students recommended to her husband, who headed a chaplaincy ministry, that I become part of this work. It wasn’t long until I was a part-time chaplain and soon became a Lead Chaplain at the 1200 Baker Street Facility of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Chaplaincy. The Lord is Good!

I got to talk to a lot of inmates, preach worship services and do a lot of administrative work. And, once in while, I get to do an Illustrated Sermon in Chalk.


2 Responses to “Jail Chaplaincy”

  1. alberta (berta) Says:

    All your art is awesome and you bring life to their souls. By the way this is cathy schu-switzer little sis. She told me about your web-site and I wanted to take a peek! Remember u alittle but the black bug with its high antenna I remember well! L.O.L. Awesome about ur work with prison.we had a lady at our cowboy church in kenney,Texas was doing this herself for 17 years. Gods work always, always most enduring challenge we face. But giving him the glory is our goal. AMEN

  2. Hi Mr. Ivey,
    I commented earlier on your self portrait. I found your Jail Chaplain link and thought, “Wow! Here is one more thing we have in common, besides the self taught artist and Christian part.” I was a Corrections Officer for 20 years in Henderson, Nv. I worked for the Henderson Police Dept. and I think your chaplaincy would have been a great thing at our jail. (I don’t live there anymore. I retired and now reside in Washington State.) Anyway, just wanted to say, “Good on ya”! I’m a fan of your art and your ministry! God Bless you!

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