Other Paintings

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img_3862b.gif This 16×20″ oil on canvas was painted recently from a very small photo of a member of the church I pastored in Alpine, Texas in the ’80’s. The cowboy, Michael Cade, is the son of the inventor of Gatorade. (available)

  Oil on Canvas 16X20

dscf0007b.gif  The Hill Country   16×20″ oil on canvas. (sold)

   Well! This is 12″X14″ oil on canvas board I painted 40 years ago from an 1908 greeting card my grandmother Dobson had. It is the second attempt at a portrait in oil. The first was Dean Martin….

chalktalk1.jpg  I have been doing “Illustrated Sermons in Chalk” for several years.


5 Responses to “Other Paintings”


  2. Brother Ivey,
    I love your illustrated sermons. They are so moving. You and your entire family are just overflowing with an abundance of talent. Your gifts have added such sweet character to our church. We love you, Brother Ivey!
    Ruben, Lana, Mercedes, Braelunn, and new baby boy

  3. omg mike all ur drawings n paintin r soooooooooooooooooooooo kool dude

  4. Hi, I am a 16 year old artist and I find your work very inspiring. I am in awe of your incredible attention to detail and I hope I can paint with your skill someday. Thank you for the inspiration. Do you thin the oil paints alot? It seems like you do.

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