Self Portrait

This is a carbon pencil self portrait.




t-pride-c-gif.gif  “Texas Pride” was finished February o8. It was a commission for the Sackett family and is of familhy member who served in Irag.  It was a joy to paint.  (18″X24″ oil on canvas)


This is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Holland. Their son died a few years ago. The 16×20″ painting hangs in their home in Sanford, NC.

 11″x14″ oil on canvas finished Oct. 07.

  I finished this 24″x 30″ oil on canvas April 8, 07.  It was painted from a photo. The man in the foreground is Grand Master Kim, a black belt instructor from Pittsburgh, PA. (sold)

img_4110b.gif  Portrait of the Striker familhy. A commissioned colored pencil portrait. (sold)

   Carbon Pencil Portraits

I have done many portraits like these that hang at the Greenwood Baptist Church north of Houston in Humble Texas. They are portraits of preachers that have preached in the Annual Bible Conference over the past 50 years. I started these portraits for the church in 1975. There are over 25 of them now!

  Tiffany Cassidy pencil sketch. She is probably all grown up now!

jamiebrob.gif Jamie’s brother & wife. The Beakleys

john-w5b.gif    John Wayne. Charcoal, for my mom. A fan.


One Response to “Portraits”

  1. Thanks for sharing your art with us Mike – its great to see a master at work – Love your portrait art.

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