Family Portraits

Portraits of my family… (to enlarge click on picture. Back out of enlargement with back arrow.

tim-440k.gif  Oil portrait is of my youngest son, Tim at age 3 or 4. He is now 26.

img_3864b.gif   “Bedtime Prayer”  – Aaron is my oldest son. The painting of Aaron was painted from a photo taken about 25 years ago.       

img_3869b.gif   img_3867b.gif    cayden-sketch31.gif    cayden07gray1.gif


Cayden, is Aaron & Jamie’s first son.

  img_3858b.gif   img_3860.gif   deacon2b1.jpg   Deacon  (Colored Pencil)

Deacon is Jamie & Aaron’s second son.

 madisondogs-gif1.gif Graphite Pencil     Colored Pencil 

This is my granddaughter, Madisyn. An’t she GRAND!

  My Daughter-in-law, Joanna. Tim’s wife.  (Colored Pencil)

nancy2.gif   dad-sons-gif.gif 

  Nancy Ivey            Dad, Tim & Aaron

My wife, Nancy was drawn with pastel chalk on paper. Drawn 30+ years ago when we first met. Tim & Aaron and I is a pastel on paper.

jamie-aaron-pencilb1.gif  Jamie & Aaron Ivey. Pencil

dobsonb.jpg  dobson50b.jpg Grandma & Grandpa Dobson on their wedding day and their 50th anniversary.

   “Father & Son” –  This 16X20 oil on canvas is of my wife’s twin sister’s husband, (Dave) and his father. I started this about two years ago and recently decided to finish it.

 My Grandniece. Colored Pencil


6 Responses to “Family Portraits”

  1. Kelly Lewis Says:

    I love your new additions! I just showed this website to my friends at work, and they loved it!!! You are such a gifted artist…keep working…they are beautiful! I can’t wait to see the finished bluebonnet painting. 🙂



  2. Oh My Gosh! One of my most favorite pictures of all! Nancy with the Raggedy Ann Doll.

    I am so glad to have found you all again.

    Sheila Green Jasek

  3. Archie & Kathy Henderson Says:

    Hi Mike!

    We just found your website and we really enjoyed seeing all of your paintings. You are most definitely the most talented artist and personal friend we have ever had. God has blessed you with a beautiful family and we are so happy to see the “grandkids.” Grandkids are truly a blessing as we now have nine. We ask that God continues to bless you, Nancy, and your family.

    Love always,
    Archie & Kathy

  4. betty janice dobson thomas Says:

    Love your paintings. How special they are…

  5. Rose Marie Dobson Says:

    Very nice cousin Mike.

  6. Your drawings challenge me a great deal…they are so so real.
    Keep drawing

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