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mertle-beach-cor-b.gif Finished this 12X14: acrylic on canvas. We spent a week at Mertle Beach SC a I took many beach photos.

  This 24″x36″ oil on canvas hangs in our home. (not for sale, well maybe)

  Lighthouse in Maine. 14×24″ oil on masonite. (available)

img_3885b.gif  Lighthouse 16X20 oil on canvas. (available)

lighthouse1b.gif The Lightouse everybody paints. 16×20″ oil on masonite. (sold)

beach-allb1.gif  The Beach in Florida.  14×12″ acrylic on canvas. Florida  (sold)

whale-308k.gif   11″x14″ Acrylic on canvas (available)


One Response to “Seascapes”

  1. Eileen Bullock Says:

    It is so good to see some of your work once again. I think of you, Nancy and the boys every time I look at the Smokey Mountain scene we have in our home. I can also remember the illustrations and chalk art sermons you presented while in Alpine. What a gift and talent God has given you and your family! You all have been such a blessing in our lives. I love the new works you have also and hope that people will recognize the talent there. God bless you!

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