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Four Dogs & a Squirrel

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I recently finished this commission. I received six photos and some idea of what they wanted. The two dogs on the ground were looking up at Thanksgiving turkey about to be served in the photo I used and the two dogs in the ovals are faithful companions they recently lost. I decided to use the ovals as I have seen in old art work. The squirrel in the tree and the back ground were from photos of their back yard. Sometimes the composition is the biggest challenge of a commission because there are several things that the client wants in the drawing or painting. I always ask a lot of questions in hopes that I can let the drawing tell a story.  They wanted it in oil but there was no way to have it done for a Christmas this year.

She loved it. Within an hour after delivery I received this email:   “Mike, when I returned to the apartment I looked at the drawing more closely. The amount of detail is phenomenal! Every time I look at it I see something that I didn’t see before. It is truly exceptional. Thanks again for getting it done before Christmas. I couldn’t give my daughter a better gift. I would be happy for you to use my name as a very satisfied customer! Merry Christmas to you and your family. — Nancy” 

One of the joys of being an artist!Image


Independence Texas

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I started this 16″X20″ oil from photos I took on a trip to Independence, Texas June of 2008. I finally finished it! Commission come first. It is available for sale.

“Bed Time Prayers”

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Finished this 16X20″ oil on canvas the first week in June.

   The boy’s name is Jesse Jr. and the dog is Floyd. Jesse’s mom took the picture that this was painted form. Thanks to the Rodrigues family for permission to use their picture.