Working Projects

These are a few that have started; some I have finished, some not.

Their delay is simply because commissions come first!

“Bed Time Prayers”… 16X20” Oil on canvas.

img_4460b.gif 2-20-08  img_4462-gif.gif 3-4-08  

 4-16-08  FINISHED at last!

   img_4011g.gif  bluebonnets9-gif.gif 1-28-08bkob0033b.gif 2-20-08  Finally finished & for sale!


 Sometimes they take a long time!

06/08 & 03/10

Finished 4-04/01/10


8 Responses to “Working Projects”

  1. dad, these look AMAZING so far… so good!

  2. These look great!

  3. Ray Bullock Says:

    Bro. Mike,
    Absolutely fantastic work and idea. Lives have been touched by you and Nancy and your work and will continue to be through this new avenue. Really awesome. I am going to try to find out about Michael Cade for you.

  4. Bro. Mike,

    I have always loved your art. Seeing them like this is really amazing! I love the one of Bro. Meinke. Hope I will get to see it when it is done!

    Also, hopefully you will be hearing from me about taking your class. I am looking forward to it!

    Sarah says hello.


  5. Bro. Mike,
    I love looking at all your work on this site. I did a double take on the one of my dad. That is amazing. I’m anxious to see it completed.

    Miss you,
    Janet W.

  6. Steve Brown Says:

    Bro. Ivey,

    I just heard about your site and love looking at all your work. The picture of my papa is amazing, I cant wait to see it when its finished!


  7. Larry and Sharon Says:

    I still enjoy your work. You have a gift from God. Keep painting.

    Your little friend


  8. Mike, you did great work in high school ; and as I always knew, still doing great work. keep up the great work with art and GOD Your friend always Cathy Schu Switzer

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